COBRA health insurance coverage Continuing your benefits beyond your workplace

With the high health care costs, continuation of your health insurance and medical insurance benefits is an important consideration for many unemployed people, those who are looking for a change in job and those who are entirely dependent on the covered workers in their workplace. Despite certain laws that came into effect to extend […]

The Role of Life Insurance for Young Families

The Theory Behind Insurance
Few things reinforce the power of the American Dream like seeing a young family out on a Sunday afternoon picnic at the lake. The pride on the mother’s face as Dad plays ball with the kids makes anyone who sees it smile. Of all the things that she might think about […]

Tips for Debt Consolidation

So you have found yourself in a considerable amount of debt. There are so many bills coming in that sometimes you don’t know which ones have been paid and which ones are still outstanding. The time has finally come that you want to make things easier and more organized but you aren’t quite sure […]

Have You Considered a Collective Investment Fund?

Invest Your Wealth in a Wise Manner
When it comes to your hard earned money, you should be careful about how you choose to invest. A simple internet search of all the ways to invest or save your money would surprise you. Always remember that virtually any investment comes with some risk. Generally speaking, the […]

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Not Your Run of the Mill Insurance

If there is anything designed to put you to sleep in no time flat, it would be an article on insurance products. If your hope is to get a few minutes of well-deserved shut eye, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong article. This article isn’t about the run of the mill insurance: home, […]

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Not Eligible for Health Insurance? Go Public.

Public health plans vary by state, with options for children, families, and individuals who need coverage but either can’t afford it, don’t have access to a plan through their employer, or have been declined.

While many may think that the programs our tax dollars support such as Medicaid and Medicare are reserved for the very […]

Four Reasons for Home Insurance Premiums

Home insurance is an extremely complicated product. There are literally hundreds of different factors that underwriters consider when determining home insurance premiums. Despite the complexity of the product, there are a few common factors that affect premiums for most companies.

Location Matters

One of the largest determinants in home insurance premiums is the location being insured. […]

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With Insurance, Broader Coverage Is Usually Better

You’ve seen the commercials. Perhaps you’ve been approached about it at work or received an offer in the mail. I’m talking, of course, about narrow-coverage insurance policies. Health policies that protect against specific diseases such as cancer. Life insurance that only pays off certain expenses, such as your mortgage. Homeowners insurance that only pays […]

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Alternative to Addiction Treatment for Those Without Insurance

Before becoming a web developer I owned a small insurance agency for close to a decade specializing in major medical health insurance. I first cut my teeth on the ins and outs of developing websites by creating, developing, and marketing the agency website in an attempt to bring in more business online. As my […]

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Top 5 Tips For Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance

Your motorcycle insurance can be quite expensive. There are, however, ways for you to bring down the cost. Below are five of the best ways to reduce motorcycle insurance and to keep the costs down throughout your riding lifetime.
Take a Course
A motorcycle training course is a great idea. It helps you learn how to […]

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