Forecasters predict Georgia may see another three inches of rainfall Thursday night to add to the four inches of rainfall already accumulated this week. Unfortunately, those conditions are favorable for flash floods with the ground already wet from previous rainfall.

The Flash Flood Watch will likely be put into effect Thursday evening. Expected to effect a number of counties in North Georgia along with several in metro Atlanta.

Flooding is the second most common natural disaster in the United States, costing Americans an average of $4 Billion each year.

Often flood’s are difficult to predict and prevent, but we have included some tips on how to protect yourself and your home in case tonight’s storm puts your valuables at risk. Flash floods can occur quickly leaving residents with little time to react, so it is best to be prepared.

Tips to Protect Against Flash Flooding

  • Locate the drainage system near your home and be sure there is nothing currently or potentially blocking it.
  • Bring inside any valuables, or items that could be swept away by the water’s force, including deck or patio furniture.
  • If you have valuable items near doorway, either move or raise your belongings to protect them. We would recommend you roll up any rugs and place them into storage.
  • Unplug any appliances, in probable flood zone to prevent electrical problems

Preparation is simpler than dealing with a problem that is out of hand, but in the unfortunate event you experience flooding, be careful. Watch where you step, as glass and dangerous animals could have been picked up by the water.

Locate your Home Insurance Policy or contact your insurance agent to know what your insurance policy covers. Flood Insurance is not included in most Home Insurance policies! If you have any questions on what is included with your policy or want to be sure you are with the best insurance company, give Southern States Insurance a call today (888) 800-4824.

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