Jim Schubert, President of Southern States Insurance company, recalls when the United States changed in a flash and the memory that he will hold on to for a lifetime.

“I had only been with Southern States for a month on September 11, 2001. That morning, I came into the office for just a few minutes before leaving with Wally Kenney, our former Marketing Manager, to attend the funeral of our Douglasville manager’s mother. Before we left our Norcross office for the funeral, one of our producers, Steve Alexander, Jr., stopped by my office and told us a plane hit one of the World Trade Center towers. At that time, we just thought it was a freak accident. The second plane had not yet hit.

So, Wally and I attended the funeral that morning. When we got out, Wally flipped on the radio in his car, and my whole world changed. We very quickly heard the seriousness of what had happened in the radio announcer’s voice. We heard the live reports, the panic, the uncertainty. As we got closer to our office, we saw a digital sign on 141 N, that had just been installed a month earlier, that read, “NATIONAL EMERGENCY – HARTSFIELD AIRPORT CLOSED”.

After we got back to the office around lunchtime, I didn’t stay at work much longer. I went to my parent’s house, and my girlfriend (now my wife) met me there to watch the events of the day replay over and over on TV. After a while, it started to sink in that I was now experiencing war in my lifetime. I grew up a lot that day.”
- Jim Schubert
President of Southern States Insurance Company

Southern States Insurance Remembers

We can probably all retell the minutes of that painful day. Memories and moments of such great impact don’t easily leave your mind and nor would you wish them to. The past has lead us to our present, and we are who we are today because of what we have been through.

This weekend realize you have a lot to remember and be thankful for. The person you are has been shaped through many life experiences. Life can be hard and there are certainly struggles we will face, but we remain determined to succeed.

Our insurance agency wants to see our clients reach success. 20 years ago we began Southern States Insurance and we are still striving to be the best insurance agency we can be for our clients. We look forward to the future and press on, never forgetting the past which has made us who we are.

We go forth with hope.