Whether you find yourself soon to insure a new driver, or just had a fender bender yourself, car insurance can be stressful!

We want to help you not only taking the stress out of insuring your car, but also in getting it fixed when the worst happens.

According to statistics, 1,720 drivers in Georgia are involved in an accident EVERY DAY. So, no matter what your situation may be, if you are on the road, you need to have high quality and affordable insurance.

Give our Georgia insurance agency a call today, (888) 800-4824,so we can discuss your situation and answer any of your questions. We are also available to chat on Facebook and on Twitter (@SSICompany).

One of our staff members this week was in a car accident in his own driveway. Which reinforces the statistic, 52% of car accidents happen with-in 5 miles of your own home.

He was referred to ABRA  Auto Body & Glass and came back raving about how fantastic they were to work with. He has convinced everyone on our staff to go to ABRA first and save ourselves the stress that typically comes with car repair.

Please be safe on the road! A recent survey found the number one reason accidents happen is because people “follow too closely.” You need to follow up with your current car insurance and be sure you are fully satisfied.

We are an independent insurance agency, and at Southern States Insurance we want to see you back to normal as soon as possible. ABRA Auto Body & Glass shares our values and works to get your car repaired fast and for the best price.