Before becoming a web developer I owned a small insurance agency for close to a decade specializing in major medical health insurance. I first cut my teeth on the ins and outs of developing websites by creating, developing, and marketing the agency website in an attempt to bring in more business online. As my web developer skills evolved and the nature of the insurance business left me more and more dissatisfied I made the decision to close my office and become a web developer full time.

The Missing Piece

One area that seemed to constantly fall short in individual major medical insurance was the complete lack of coverage for people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. This, along with coverage for mental disorders, was something that was simply unheard of in most individual major medical policies unless you had an extremely expensive “cadillac” plan or was fortunate enough to have a comprehensive policy through your employer.

The Solution

After closing my agency and jumping into web development full time I was fortunate enough to eventually land a job on an ambitious start-up project focused on building a comprehensive social networking community and resource site for people in alcohol and drug recovery called myRecovery. The goal of the project was to help people get sober and remain sober by leveraging the power of online social networking, allowing people in recovery to draw strength and inspiration from each other instantly from anywhere in the world. Add on to that with several resource tools such as recovery related audio and videos, an AA, NA, Al-Anon, and Nar-Anon meeting search with hundreds of thousands of meetings across the country in it’s database, addiction severity assessments, and online meetings just to name a few.

This project was an ideal fit for me, not only coming from my insurance background, but also because addiction was an issue that plagued my own family. Without going into great detail, I’d never once seen my grandfather sober once in my life until I was 17 years old and he’d quit drinking cold turkey, I had one uncle end up incarcerated for nearly a decade in large part due to intoxication, an aunt that struggled with drugs and alcohol to the detriment of her children, and another uncle that ended up basically drinking himself to death. I have even found myself on the verge of going over that cliff but so far have been fortunate enough to pull myself back from that abyss, however it’s a constant issue in my mind.

The Future Is Brighter Now

Ideally, a person struggling with alcohol and drug addiction could check into an inpatient treatment facility to jump start the recovery process, however these facilities can be extremely expensive and with no insurance coverage to help offset the cost it’s simply not an option to many uncovered Americans. My hope is that this new website that I had the privilege of developing will help some of these people begin the recovery process and ultimately lead them to sobriety. If a person doesn’t have coverage for alcohol and drug addiction treatment, at least they now have a world-wide community to tap into and a wide range of recovery tools to help them begin the recovery process.