As the internet becomes the place where increasing numbers of customers are conducting their business, today’s companies need to evaluate their internet presence and marketing techniques.  A multi-layered internet marketing strategy is increasingly becoming a necessity in today’s world of business.  Effective internet marketing strategies utilize web pages or blogs, social media marketing, email campaigns, online classified sites, and mobile web applications.  In addition, strategies for search engine marketing can help boost a company’s visibility online and can lead to higher sales and profits.

A creative and eye-catching web site is the first step in any internet marketing strategy.  As increasing numbers of potential customers search online for local businesses, a company without a web page is at a distinct disadvantage.  This is especially true now that so many people own cell phones with internet service.  Customers can now search for a business while they are on-the-go and a business that is only listed in the local phone book stands to lose a significant amount of revenue from customers who may not even know it exists.  In addition to a well-designed web site, social media marketing is also an effective online advertising strategy.  A profile page on Facebook is becoming the norm rather than the exception, and with nearly one billion users on Facebook, businesses can’t afford not to have a presence there.  To realize the vast advertising potential of Facebook, a business owner needs only to look around at the overwhelming number of local businesses that feature the little blue Facebook logo on their store fronts, coupons, and direct mailings.  A business’s profile page on Facebook has the potential to generate interest and conversation through a catchy page design and a consistent campaign of special offers and promotions for Facebook users.  Many businesses offer customers an incentive to ‘like’ them on Facebook, realizing that when a customer does so, hundreds or even thousands of their friends are notified of their action.  The marketing potential of social media is nearly limitless.

Email marketing is another layer of a company’s internet marketing strategy.  Many local businesses ask customers to provide an email address, thus enabling them to receive newsletters and coupons on a regular basis from the business.  This permission-based type of email campaign is a cost-effective way to remind customers about sales and special offers and has the advantage of not being lumped in with piles of other coupons in a direct mailing.

Another aspect of internet marketing that can provide valuable results is search engine marketing.  This type of marketing refers to the process of boosting a business’s visibility on a list of search engine results.  When a potential customer types a query into their search engine, he or she generally only looks at the first page or two of results that are returned by the search engine.  Thus, it is important for a company’s name to appear early in the search results.  This can be achieved through the strategic analysis and use of certain keywords, relevant content, organic link building, and positive reviews on certain key sites.  Internet marketing firms can help with these types of online strategies to help ensure maximum visibility online.  A multi-layered approach to internet marketing can help a business compete successfully in today’s competitive business world.