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What’s Next For Insurance Companies and Technology in General?

It is hard to imagine how we even survived years ago with out the capabilities we have today. We have become reliant on technologies that could out smart secret agents from movies made five years ago! The times are going to continue to change and our Insurance Agency in Georgia believes if you are […]

Unforeseen Consequence of Flooding in Pakistani Village

This story will make your skin crawl, and may inspire an incoming science fiction movie.

An unexpected side effect of  the unprecedented monsoons causing flooding in Sindh, Pakistan, was that millions of spiders and insects fleeing the rising waters sought trees for refuge to escape the floods.

The water was slow to recede and the numerous […]

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4 Preventative Tips To Prepare For The Likely Flash Floods As Heavy Rains Are Forecasted In Georgia

Forecasters predict Georgia may see another three inches of rainfall Thursday night to add to the four inches of rainfall already accumulated this week. Unfortunately, those conditions are favorable for flash floods with the ground already wet from previous rainfall.

The Flash Flood Watch will likely be put into effect Thursday evening. Expected to effect […]

Strabucks Restaurants In Atlanta To Start Selling Alcohol

As opposed to a long winded coffee order being placed in front of you in line you may shortly hear, “I’ll have a tall Corona.” Starbucks has already been serving alcohol in select Oregon and Washington locations. The effort was put into action in order to boost evening sales, as 70% of Starbucks’ business […]

Solar Storm Sends Plasma Radiation Towards Earth

Early Monday morning, January 23rd, there was an immensely powerful solar storm that unleashed a powerful plasma blast headed strait towards Earth. This is not science fiction, although it could be mistaken as a page taken from some popular comic books.

The eruption from the Sun has released a cloud full of charged particles headed […]

Southern States Insurance Claims Back Your Resolutions Using New App

How can you be “January 1st” motivated all year?

A new app for the iPhone, motivates you to meet your goals by risk rather than reward.

Gympact, allows you to set your own financial stakes for not going to the gym and workout goal, at the start of a workout period. If you meet your goal, you […]

Defense Wins Championships.

3 out of 4 teams remaining in the NFL Playoffs are characterized by their strong defense.

Ravens, Forty-niners, and Giants, all defensive teams. Defense appears to be a consistent component in the success of NFL teams today. Many of this year’s headlines have been focused on offense, as the season concludes with many shattered offensive […]

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Accidents Happen. Even At Our Own Georgia Insurance Agency

Whether you find yourself soon to insure a new driver, or just had a fender bender yourself, car insurance can be stressful!

We want to help you not only taking the stress out of insuring your car, but also in getting it fixed when the worst happens.

According to statistics, 1,720 drivers in Georgia are involved in […]

NEW Waterproof Technology Insures Peace of Mind When Your Phone Takes a Swim

Our Georgia Insurance Agency insures countless numbers of people’s valuables. We insure everything from jewelry, musical instruments, to your children’s fingerprinting artwork (no, we won’t actually insure their beautiful art). Who could ever afford something to happen to your valuables and you be uninsured?

Although we don’t actually insure cell phones, we sympathize with anyone […]

Our Atlanta Insurance Agency Is Excited For Downtown Norcross Renovations

Downtown Norcross is the perfect combination of restaurants and shops for every occasion. The quaint downtown has the best ribs you have ever eaten at Mojitos and most beautiful handmade jewelry at Anna Balkan. We can’t think of many places that have so much personality, and manage to do it on one block!

There still is a vacant […]