Business travellers, who spend much of their time on the road, whether in the country, or abroad, should take the time to see exactly what sort of travel insurance coverage they have before they take another trip. Those who travel a lot on business for their company may assume that the company has provided them with excellent travel insurance that will cover absolutely every contingency. This is not always the case, so it is worth making the effort to read the fine print in any travel policy to understand the exclusions that may affect a particular trip. Those travellers who own their own business may be tempted to settle for a low-cost travel insurance package that really does not give them very much protection.

A travel insurance policy for a business trip should be comprehensive so that it will cover a wide range of circumstances that might occur. For example, flight cancellation insurance should be provided as part of the service. This means that if the traveller needs to cancel a trip due to illness or other unforeseen circumstance, the cost of the missed flight will be covered.

Travel insurance should protect against theft and accidental loss of belongings. If laptop computers and mobile phones are stolen, this can destroy the entire value of the trip and cause unnecessary delays. If luggage goes missing, this will also result in frustration and delays.

Insurance to protect in case of a vehicle accident is also very important when travelling on business as the cost of paying for damage to the vehicle and for any related medical expenses will be very expensive. There should be some form of liability protection to protect the traveller if an accident victim decides to sue for damages.

Every traveller must take steps to ensure they are covered in case they have a medical emergency and require medical care or hospitalization. Getting medical care in a foreign country can be extremely expensive. No matter how healthy you feel, you cannot assume you will not be in an accident or contract some kind of infection or other illness.

Although most business trips proceed exactly as planned, it is essential to have travel insurance protection in place because the cost of being unprotected is too high.

Be sure that your travel insurance company provides 24 hour service so that you can contact them at any time if you have an unexpected emergency.