Digital Marketing

An Internet Marketing Strategy is a Business Necessity

As the internet becomes the place where increasing numbers of customers are conducting their business, today’s companies need to evaluate their internet presence and marketing techniques.  A multi-layered internet marketing strategy is increasingly becoming a necessity in today’s world of business.

Great Achievements Recently Made By Our Foe – The Banana

One of the most infamous causes for accidents, falls, spills, and often worse, the BANANA has recently made great strides in both technology and the arts.
In spite of our history Southern States Insurance decided to be the bigger man and brag on the recent accomplishments of something that has made our job very difficult […]

Social Seating on Airline Flights. Our Insurance Company Asks How Good An Idea It Is?

That nervous feeling waiting to see who sits next to you on your flight. Wouldn’t it be easier to find a conversation to pick up with a passenger after you have seen what activities you share, friends you have in common, and similar work background which may exist?
Two airline’s new social seating initiative enables […]

What’s Next For Insurance Companies and Technology in General?

It is hard to imagine how we even survived years ago with out the capabilities we have today. We have become reliant on technologies that could out smart secret agents from movies made five years ago! The times are going to continue to change and our Insurance Agency in Georgia believes if you are […]

Southern States Insurance Claims Back Your Resolutions Using New App

How can you be “January 1st” motivated all year?

A new app for the iPhone, motivates you to meet your goals by risk rather than reward.

Gympact, allows you to set your own financial stakes for not going to the gym and workout goal, at the start of a workout period. If you meet your goal, you […]

What The Insurance Industry Could Learn About Marketing From Chick-Fil-A

I’m an Atlanta native, which means I love Chick-Fil-A.  Always have, always will.  Sure, their chicken sandwiches and chicken biscuits are mouth watering. But what I find equally as irresistible is their new marketing campaign that’s going on right now about free breakfasts. For anyone who would like a free Chick-Fil-A breakfast […]