Not Your Run of the Mill Insurance

If there is anything designed to put you to sleep in no time flat, it would be an article on insurance products. If your hope is to get a few minutes of well-deserved shut eye, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong article. This article isn’t about the run of the mill insurance: home, […]

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Four Reasons for Home Insurance Premiums

Home insurance is an extremely complicated product. There are literally hundreds of different factors that underwriters consider when determining home insurance premiums. Despite the complexity of the product, there are a few common factors that affect premiums for most companies.

Location Matters

One of the largest determinants in home insurance premiums is the location being insured. […]

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With Insurance, Broader Coverage Is Usually Better

You’ve seen the commercials. Perhaps you’ve been approached about it at work or received an offer in the mail. I’m talking, of course, about narrow-coverage insurance policies. Health policies that protect against specific diseases such as cancer. Life insurance that only pays off certain expenses, such as your mortgage. Homeowners insurance that only pays […]

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Alternative to Addiction Treatment for Those Without Insurance

Before becoming a web developer I owned a small insurance agency for close to a decade specializing in major medical health insurance. I first cut my teeth on the ins and outs of developing websites by creating, developing, and marketing the agency website in an attempt to bring in more business online. As my […]

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Top 5 Tips For Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance

Your motorcycle insurance can be quite expensive. There are, however, ways for you to bring down the cost. Below are five of the best ways to reduce motorcycle insurance and to keep the costs down throughout your riding lifetime.
Take a Course
A motorcycle training course is a great idea. It helps you learn how to […]

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Health Insurance Options

Even individuals who are unemployed have options when it comes to health insurance. Here are some of those options:
Individual Health Insurance Plans
These plans are a suitable option if you are unemployed but have some savings. If you can afford to put aside about $ 1,000 each month, you can obtain an individual health insurance […]

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5 Tips To Protect Your Family Finances

The financial difficulties of the last couple of years have led many people to re-think their financial decisions. In the past, people did not put too much thought into protecting their finances because they always assumed they would have money coming in. Today, things are different and people are more careful with their money. […]

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Health Insurance Quote – Compare to Get the Best

Sickness, injury, accidents, and deaths are unpredictable occurrences in life. Life is fragile and the best way to be prepared for the future is by having a health insurance in place. The importance of obtaining a health insurance quote before purchasing a policy cannot be undermined. Whether you already have insurance and feel that […]

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Comparing One Health Insurance Quote to Others

If you are looking for a reasonable health insurance quote, you are probably trying to gather several different prices and policies from a variety of companies. The best and most efficient way to do this is by getting a quote online, with the help of an independent website that will collect the quotes for […]

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Be Sure To Have Travel Insurance For Your Business Trips

Business travellers, who spend much of their time on the road, whether in the country, or abroad, should take the time to see exactly what sort of travel insurance coverage they have before they take another trip. Those who travel a lot on business for their company may assume that the company has provided […]

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