With All Due Respect, Disability Is Not Inability!

We have heard this saying everywhere being used in disability campaigns but today we are going to use it differently. None of us would hate to be disabled be it permanently or temporarily; we as humans hate being restricted whatsoever. This saying ‘disability is not inability’ may be modified to make it seem that […]

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Life Insurance Policies for Children

Many families prefer purchasing life insurance policies for their children because they know that life can sometimes be unforgiving and very unpredictable. Indeed, life insurance plans cannot compensate for the sorrow that is brought forth by losing a child, but insurance provides support in case your child is seriously sick and covers funeral expenses. Moreover, […]

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How To Use Twitter To Find Cheaper Insurance

Here are some tips on how to find some tweet deals on your insurance coverage!

Looking at Some of the Costs of the London 2012 Olympics

The London Olympic games are anticipated to be the most expensive Olympic games in history. Not too shocking to report as the preceding games of the past 50 years have all exceeded their budgets. The London Olympics beginning July 27th are ‘significantly more’ over budget than the average excessive spending over the last decade with […]

What Your Country Can Do for You: Veterans’ Disability Insurance

Have you have served in a branch of the military (Navy, Air Force, National Guard, etc.) for fifteen years? If so “Thank you” for your service and sacrifice. We know you have seen war, death, and victories won in the name of the United States of America. We want you to understand your […]