Various Kinds of Insurances

These days insurance comes with everything. It depends on a particular person’s lifestyle that which insurance he or she needs. “Needs” is the word that tags along insurance and not “wants”. The most common insurances are life insurance, home insurance, auto insurance and business insurance.Life insurance is something that everyone must have. It is […]

Insurance Agency Knows Best With Some FAST Facts on Home Fires

Home Fire Statistics

Every year in the United States more than 5,000 people die and more than 25,000 are injured in fires, many of which could be prevented.
44% of home fires are caused by cooking.
Majority of fires occur in the evening.
In less than 30 seconds a fire […]

Food Safety Tips You Are Wrong About! Debunking These Myths With Good Advice and Good Insurance

What room in your house would you say is the most dangerous in the home? (I am going to ignore that this blog is clearly about food and you will likely guess kitchen…Please act surprised when we tell you.) The kitchen! The kitchen is factually one of the most dangerous places in the home […]

Zombie Insurance – Even More Real Than The Threat?

Zombie’s everywhere have recently been making headlines. “Plant’s versus Zombies” was a hit game. The recent season premiere of “The Walking Dead” (which by the way was shot in Atlanta) had fantastic numbers and ratings. And now people are realizing the reality, that they can not just sit back and solely be entertained by […]

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4 Preventative Tips To Prepare For The Likely Flash Floods As Heavy Rains Are Forecasted In Georgia

Forecasters predict Georgia may see another three inches of rainfall Thursday night to add to the four inches of rainfall already accumulated this week. Unfortunately, those conditions are favorable for flash floods with the ground already wet from previous rainfall.

The Flash Flood Watch will likely be put into effect Thursday evening. Expected to effect […]

Strabucks Restaurants In Atlanta To Start Selling Alcohol

As opposed to a long winded coffee order being placed in front of you in line you may shortly hear, “I’ll have a tall Corona.” Starbucks has already been serving alcohol in select Oregon and Washington locations. The effort was put into action in order to boost evening sales, as 70% of Starbucks’ business […]

Solar Storm Sends Plasma Radiation Towards Earth

Early Monday morning, January 23rd, there was an immensely powerful solar storm that unleashed a powerful plasma blast headed strait towards Earth. This is not science fiction, although it could be mistaken as a page taken from some popular comic books.

The eruption from the Sun has released a cloud full of charged particles headed […]