What room in your house would you say is the most dangerous in the home? (I am going to ignore that this blog is clearly about food and you will likely guess kitchen…Please act surprised when we tell you.) The kitchen! The kitchen is factually one of the most dangerous places in the home in terms of physical harm and often relationship damage.

You will be surprised to see what is on the list of common believed kitchen myths! We are going to debunk myths about your kitchen and common practices.

You should wash produce and meat

False. This actually spreads dangerous bacteria because when you wash meat in your sink the juices and water splash the raw meat on the counter and sink. Although many recipes prompt you to wash your produce and meat it is not necessary. Your food has been sanitized and packed clean and ready to eat.

As obvious as it may seem to wash your food, the only produce recommended to be cleaned is if it comes strait from your garden and has dirt on it.

You can smell when food has gone bad

For all of you who believe the expiration date is a few days earlier than the actual day the food is spoiled, this advice is for you. Curds in your milk shouldn’t be your warning sign that it should be tossed.

There are two kinds of microorganisms, those that cause disease and those that cause spoilage. They are not exclusively one or the other and can exist sometimes as both. What needs to be understood is that the bacteria that causes disease doesn’t necessarily cause spoilage. The best way to judge food’s safety is to store and prepare it safely and follow the suggested expiration dates.

Margarine is better for you than butter

It is recommended to use both sparingly. They both contain similar levels of fat and calories, but they do have different types of fat.

Adding salt to a pot of boiling water adds sodium to the food

In actuality though it may seem logical, adding salt to a pot of boiling water actually makes vegetables more nutritious. Salt speeds up the cooking process and you loose less nutrients during boiling. Less nutrients end up leaving the food, although some salt is absorbed by the food, it is a minuscule amount.

Mayonnaise is bad for you

Mayonnaise actually has penicillin like properties according to a science advisor for the FDA! The ingredients actually are composed in such a way to make it deadly to microbes. That is assuming you have stored the condiment properly!

Frozen vegetables are less nutritious than fresh ones

Frozen vegetables are picked at their prime when nutrients peak and then flash frozen. As compared to fresh vegetables that sit as nutrient levels continue to drop during storage. Frozen vegetables can actually be considered more nutritious in some circumstances depending on when you consume the fresh vegetables.

Consider These Myths and More Debunked

We share these tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and educate you on some misunderstood common practices and beliefs. It is our desire to help you succeed. We are redefining what it means to be a good insurance agency and want to be involved with our clients to help them thrive in all aspects of life!

Our Georgia Insurance Company believes you deserve the best in life and want to work with you to achieve that status. Let us know if you have any questions about insurance. If you have any more myths that can be debunked in regards to health, insurance, or life in general. We love to give our customers insurance advice and direct them to helpful resources.