One of the most infamous causes for accidents, falls, spills, and often worse, the BANANA has recently made great strides in both technology and the arts.

In spite of our history Southern States Insurance decided to be the bigger man and brag on the recent accomplishments of something that has made our job very difficult in the past, as the culprit to numerous accidents.

Banana Keyboard!

Tattooing a Banana!

Bananas have recently achieved greatness in many ways and must be commended for their achievement despite their relentless efforts to cause accidents.

Why does insurance exist?

In plainest fashion, because accidents happen. Things can go wrong, and often do when you least expect it (especially when the most dangerous produce is involved).

Insurance allows you to be made whole again and continue living at the quality of life you have come to know prior to an accident.

Bananas work to cause accidents. Whether they are placed in a walking path or in front of a cart soon to cross the finish line. Bananas cause havoc.

Our Georgia insurance company reluctantly tips our hats to the banana. No one could ever estimate the number of accidents caused by the banana, but it is good to see it’s efforts towards redemption.

If you have more videos of greatness, please share them. We’ve heard rumors their are more strides the fruit has made.

If you would like to save money or receive a free insurance quote from Southern States Insurance we would be glad to help protect you from future accidents caused by bananas or other risks you face.