Our Georgia Insurance Company had lunch with Reliable Restoration today! Reliable Restoration restores homes that have been damaged from water, fire, or mold. Once again we learned tips on protecting your home from flood damage after spending time with them! They shared with us one easy purchase everyone should make in their homes!

Go buy metal braided hose to replace your rubber hoses on your toilets, washing machines, and dishwashers.

The rubber hoses are prone to wear much more quickly than the metal braided hoses. The little bit of extra money is nothing in compared to your potential savings! Changing the hoses is easy and takes little time and can potentially save you thousands of dollars and a lot of unwanted trouble.

We love Reliable Restoration

Reliable Restoration believes in doing the best for their customer with out exception. We admire their passion to give their clients the most excellent service. We see them doing more than necessary and resorting peoples lives after insurance claims all the time! We recommend them to all of our Georgia homeowners insurance policy holders and know Reliable Restoration will do great work!

We spent a day with Reliable Restoration and they taught us so much about home fire prevention and other homeowners safety tips to consider. You don’t want to experience the devastating loss of a fire or flood, please take the time to review your home and take note of our preventative tips!