Here are some tips on how to find some tweet deals on your insurance coverage!

First – Understand How To Find The Best Insurance Rates Without Twitter

Shopping your coverage apples-to-apples will help you learn which carriers prices are cheapest for the coverage you need.

The key is… Be sure you are comparing the same coverages when comparing price! Often a cheap price on your insurance may mean you are missing some valuable coverages!

Independent insurance agencies are able to shop your insurance rates with numerous carriers and do all of the work for you while you wait and benefit from their labor. It is important you look at who their carriers are and who is missing from the list. You should contact big names who aren’t on the agency’s list to be confident in your final result, but this will knock out … near 30 birds with one stone. [Internet high five!]

Can we talk about Twitter already?

Now, How Twitter Can Help You

1. Risks Change. Follow Someone Who Understands How…

Life is full of risks and uncertainty and that isn’t necessarily bad. Risks can bring beauty to life’s accomplishments. Minimizing risks can help avoid heartbreak.

With life in perpetual change there are constantly new ways to avoid risks and minimize your chances of loss. Follow two to three insurance Twitter accounts who tweet more than an advertisement, but share ways to stay safe and manage risks well. We will guess 9 out of 10 times you will glance over the tweet and find it inapplicable, but when it works for you find out their advice on how to protect yourself.

2. Utilize the Twitter Search Bar, It Can Be Your Friend…

Use the “Advanced Search” option and find people who live close to you (because rates and coverage can be greatly influenced by location) who are saying things such as “love my insurance” or “good insurance”. Most likely more people will vent and hash out their frustrations with their insurance companies on social media, but sift your way through all the raging 140 character updates and find the gold.

The “Advanced Search” options really enable you to find exactly what you want. By narrowing search terms and location you are able to find the most relevant tweets and maybe an insurance agency who can help you.

3. Make Some Cuts…

When looking for an insurance agency who is providing current and relevant information you need to have standards and have a D.T.R. moment.

One red flag to unfollow an account, is if there last tweet isn’t be more recent than 3 to 4 months ago. Let’s be a little more real, there last tweet needs to be within the last 2 weeks!

Learn what is best for you. How often do you tweet and check Twitter? Would you rather follow an account who tweets once or four times or even twenty times a day?

When you’ve found some strong candidates who may be able to provide ways to save on your insurance and tips to help you succeed, you’re now better off than many followers who haven’t followed an insurance company on Twitter. Brag if you want.

Who Is Doing It Well?

We recommend looking at these accounts and seeing which best fits with your needs! All of these accounts are up to great work in the Twitterverse.

Start here first!

Happiest Savings

Remember to shop your insurance coverage. Most insurance agencies offer free insurance quotes and you may be able to save on your insurance today.