Our Georgia Insurance Agency insures countless numbers of people’s valuables. We insure everything from jewelry, musical instruments, to your children’s fingerprinting artwork (no, we won’t actually insure their beautiful art). Who could ever afford something to happen to your valuables and you be uninsured?

Although we don’t actually insure cell phones, we sympathize with anyone who can tell a phone story that ends with the phones ultimate demise because of an accident involving water. Water damage may soon be a thing in the past!

Soon you won’t have to worry about water ruining your devices thanks to HzO’s new Waterblock technology.

HzO’s Waterblock technology protects your phone from the hazard of water. Waterblock technology is a powerful shield that protects your technology’s electronics on the molecular level. Your valuable digital electronics no longer have a kryptonite like water to completely disable them.

Smartphones could see this cutting-edge technology as early as summer.

Our Georgia Insurance Agency is accustom to hearing stories of when things unexpectedly go wrong. Please be sure you’re insured for every case that my arise. It is certainly nice to see some technological improvements being made that give us one less thing to worry about though.

The phone is questionably just as valuable as some of the things we do insure in today’s connected culture. In regards to phone insurance our company only trusts Worth Ave Group. They cover both spills and submersion and we recommend you consider them to insure your phone as well. That is, assuming you want to go beyond enrolling your device into the “ICU of phones”, a bed of rice.

We have mentioned Worth Ave Group before in a post when considering the best phone insurance.

Any ideas for what would be the best first phone call in water? Any unforeseen consequences that we haven’t discussed or considered?