Downtown Norcross is the perfect combination of restaurants and shops for every occasion. The quaint downtown has the best ribs you have ever eaten at Mojitos and most beautiful handmade jewelry at Anna Balkan. We can’t think of many places that have so much personality, and manage to do it on one block!

There still is a vacant shop on the strip, but we don’t expect it to last much longer, and that is the hopes. The vacant shop, has submitted architectural plans to begin construction in effort of the newly remodeled look to bring in the “final piece to the puzzle” in downtown Norcross. The interior will be built out and ready for any restaurant, retail or other stores.

Construction will begin in a few weeks. Our Atlanta Insurance Agency, just a few miles down the road, is excited to see what it will become and are ready for another place to go! There arn’t many better places to have a restaurant or shop!

What are your favorite shops and restaurants in downtown Norcross? What do you think would be the best addition to the communitty?