If there is anything designed to put you to sleep in no time flat, it would be an article on insurance products. If your hope is to get a few minutes of well-deserved shut eye, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong article. This article isn’t about the run of the mill insurance: home, health, car, life. No. This article is about the other types of insurance, the kinds for which you don’t get endless solicitations. And, whether you are from San Francisco or Lexington, insurance that provides for your unusual needs might be right here. So fair reader, read on.

Not Asleep Yet

Glad to see those eyes wide open. Here are a few forms of insurance that may interest you:

Bloodstock Insurance

How about bloodstock insurance? This form of protection is equine in nature. If you own or jointly own a horse or horses, you may wish to purchase this insurance which protects against loss of the horse/s through death or illness, and also goes as far as protecting against infertility and the loss of a foal during birth.

Expatriate Insurance

If that’s not up your alley, what about expatriate insurance? You don’t actually have to emigrate to use this insurance. It provides coverage for the usual things (car, home, health) while living or working outside of your home country. So, if you wreck your mini by plowing into Nelson’s Column, you’re covered.

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Not for you? Next on the list is one that might suit: kidnap and ransom insurance. When was the last time you were kidnapped and held for ransom and realized you didn’t have insurance? Never? You do live a charmed life. Well, never mind; should you purchase this insurance, you are also protected against hijacking, extortion, and wrongful detention. This might come in handy the next time you fly somewhere where laws are not as strictly enforced as they are in the USA.

Nuclear Incident Insurance

So, what if you live in Billings, or Lexington? Is insurance destined to be plain and boring? Don’t despair; there is a type of insurance for everyone. You might be interested in nuclear incident insurance just in case your basement reactor goes boom. Yes, this insurance is difficult to arrange (having to be ratified at a national level) but don’t let this discourage you. You’d be surprised how much damage a nuclear “incident” can cause. Insurance is always a good idea.

Prize Indemnity (Hole-In-One) Insurance

If you haven’t found anything that suits you yet, this will surely appeal to the charitable individual: prize indemnity insurance. Certainly, anyone who is giving away a prize for any occasion (think: making a hole in one on a four par shot, picking the right key for a vehicle from a box of 1000 keys etc.) should have this form of insurance which covers the giver in case the impossible happens and someone actually wins the prize. Being forced to give out an unwinnable prize can sting, but with this insurance you get your money right back. What are the odds of that?

Hopefully you have managed to find a useful note of information in this article; if not, at least you know that from Billings, to Charleston, to Lexington insurance can be fun! You’re still awake aren’t you?