Looking at Some of the Costs of the London 2012 Olympics

The London Olympic games are anticipated to be the most expensive Olympic games in history. Not too shocking to report as the preceding games of the past 50 years have all exceeded their budgets. The London Olympics beginning July 27th are ‘significantly more’ over budget than the average excessive spending over the last decade with […]

Great Achievements Recently Made By Our Foe – The Banana

One of the most infamous causes for accidents, falls, spills, and often worse, the BANANA has recently made great strides in both technology and the arts.
In spite of our history Southern States Insurance decided to be the bigger man and brag on the recent accomplishments of something that has made our job very difficult […]

A Memory You Never Forget – Jim Schubert of President of Southern States Insurance

Jim Schubert, President of Southern States Insurance company, recalls when the United States changed in a flash and the memory that he will hold on to for a lifetime.
“I had only been with Southern States for a month on September 11, 2001. That morning, I came into the office for just a few […]

What Your Country Can Do for You: Veterans’ Disability Insurance

Have you have served in a branch of the military (Navy, Air Force, National Guard, etc.) for fifteen years? If so “Thank you” for your service and sacrifice. We know you have seen war, death, and victories won in the name of the United States of America. We want you to understand your […]

Tattoo Ink That Vibrates With Your Incoming Calls and Text Messages – Patent Pending

Nokia is proposing ferromagnetic inks to be used in tattoo’s that would be able to be programed for vibrate based commands in sync with your cell phone calls and text messages. The ink would be magnetically charged after it is under your skin and then be used be the user to manage notifications and […]

Homeowners Insurance Advice To Prevent Home Water Damage

Our Georgia Insurance Company had lunch with Reliable Restoration today! Reliable Restoration restores homes that have been damaged from water, fire, or mold. Once again we learned tips on protecting your home from flood damage after spending time with them! They shared with us one easy purchase everyone should make in their homes!
Go buy […]

Social Seating on Airline Flights. Our Insurance Company Asks How Good An Idea It Is?

That nervous feeling waiting to see who sits next to you on your flight. Wouldn’t it be easier to find a conversation to pick up with a passenger after you have seen what activities you share, friends you have in common, and similar work background which may exist?
Two airline’s new social seating initiative enables […]

Insurance Agency Knows Best With Some FAST Facts on Home Fires

Home Fire Statistics

Every year in the United States more than 5,000 people die and more than 25,000 are injured in fires, many of which could be prevented.
44% of home fires are caused by cooking.
Majority of fires occur in the evening.
In less than 30 seconds a fire […]

Food Safety Tips You Are Wrong About! Debunking These Myths With Good Advice and Good Insurance

What room in your house would you say is the most dangerous in the home? (I am going to ignore that this blog is clearly about food and you will likely guess kitchen…Please act surprised when we tell you.) The kitchen! The kitchen is factually one of the most dangerous places in the home […]

Zombie Insurance – Even More Real Than The Threat?

Zombie’s everywhere have recently been making headlines. “Plant’s versus Zombies” was a hit game. The recent season premiere of “The Walking Dead” (which by the way was shot in Atlanta) had fantastic numbers and ratings. And now people are realizing the reality, that they can not just sit back and solely be entertained by […]

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