Convenience often drives today’s market. In a culture of connectivity we expect instant success and gratification. This way of thinking may unintentionally cause the consumer to overlook quality and value. Fortunately, our Georgia Insurance Company’s great location at The Forum shopping center in Norcross gives us convenient access to places that deliever both timely and quality service.

Our most recent interaction was with PeachMacApple Specialists. Similar to Apple stores, PeachMac offers training workshops both in groups and One-to-One, for those who wish to sharpen their skills. I unfortunately cancelled a One-to-One, but the process of cancelation was so EASY! Absolutely no hassle! I was able to reschedule and had a great conversation with an employee who was very knowledgable and vested in my desire to learn. Thanks Jamaal for your advise and future assistance.

If you are looking for both quality and convenience, come to The Forum and stop by PeachMac for your Macintosh needs. The Insurance Company I work with is excited they are here to help us learn new skills. Many people on our staff shared similar stories of their outstanding service. It is so good to see we don’t have to compromise on quality service in light of convenience. We strive to do similar business, and appreciate great work when we encounter it.