Early Monday morning, January 23rd, there was an immensely powerful solar storm that unleashed a powerful plasma blast headed strait towards Earth. This is not science fiction, although it could be mistaken as a page taken from some popular comic books.

Image via. NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory

The eruption from the Sun has released a cloud full of charged particles headed directly towards us. NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center has reassured the general public there is no risk to people on Earth.

The potential effects of the blast could be felt by navigation systems and power grids. As precaution polar flights are being re-directed Tuesday, January 24th.

The flare is the largest radiation storm on the sun since 2005. The NOAA have also warned of geomagnetic storms that could continue on Tuesday, as a result of the flare. The largest impact is expected to be minor intermittent navigation issues and problems with low-Earth satellites. No need to go buy any lead jackets or hazard materials suits, put away your coupon right now!

Image via. NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory

Scientist who study the sun have observed the star to have a cyclic nature repeating every 11-years. They expect a great deal of solar activity in 2013, so stay alert.

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