Nokia is proposing ferromagnetic inks to be used in tattoo’s that would be able to be programed for vibrate based commands in sync with your cell phone calls and text messages. The ink would be magnetically charged after it is under your skin and then be used be the user to manage notifications and calls.

Nokia is also in the process of patenting a less invasive haptic technology that comes in an adhesive fabric patch. This patch can be placed on your body and will work similarly, as it alerts the user with vibrating patterns for incoming calls and text messages. The patch is suggested to be placed directly on skin likely on a fingernail, forearm, or abdomen.

The vibrations will occur from magnetic manipulation, but this means each caller and different phone alerts, need to be recognized through different magnetic impulses (working on that).

There are early advantages we can identify. No one is disturbed by your vibrate noise, it is less likely to miss a vibrating notification if you are actively moving, and it might hit that itch that was just too far to reach. But also, there are disadvantages we can identify. Over reliance on phone, malfunctioning possibilities, possible damage to pacemakers or child during pregnancy, potential disturbed sleep patterns, and never being able to escape your phone as it beckons for your attention.

If you are freaking out because this has “gone too far”,or if you find yourself planning your sleeve accordingly with each tattoo vibrating. Remember, this is still in patent pending status. This along with other crazy patents may never hit the market. We can’t tell you what the best decision regarding the vibrating tattoo will be, but we feel like it is our job as a good insurance agency to keep you aware of risks. We like to blog about news, stories, and ways to stay safe and save money

What is your biggest concern? And, what would be the best tattoo to get for someone calling? Go!