Have you have served in a branch of the military (Navy, Air Force, National Guard, etc.) for fifteen years? If so “Thank you” for your service and sacrifice. We know you have seen war, death, and victories won in the name of the United States of America. We want you to understand your insurance needs as a Veteran and help you and your family after your return to living back in the United States. What insurance should you look into as a U.S. Military Veteran?

Veterans’ disability insurance is granted to US war veterans that injure themselves after facing an honorable discharge from the military. Insurance benefits, however, are not the same for each person. Some of the factors that determine the varying amounts of insurance benefits are

  1. Geographic location
  2. Military branch in which the soldier served
  3. Age
  4. Number of children

Thus, a Navy soldier and a Coast Guard soldier will not receive the same amount of disability insurance.

There are many benefits to veterans’ disability insurance. One veteran disability benefit is disability compensation. Disability compensation is offered by the US Veterans Benefits Administration (USVBA) and is for soldiers who have both physical and mental injuries. Soldiers who have been sexually traumatized, traumatized by war, or have sustained physical injuries (or seen injury decline) while at war are guaranteed disability insurance from the USVBA. Disability compensation is similar to workers’ compensation and is a form of employee financial benefit for soldiers, who are “employees” of the US Military. Another benefit of veterans’ disability insurance is disability pension. Disability pension is offered to military veterans ages 65 and up, or injured soldiers who have a fixed income and are unable to work. The pension is divided equally for twelve months, so soldiers receive the same amount per month (and the grand sum each year). Disability pension allows soldiers to have peace of mind regarding their monthly income. The USVBA offers other disability insurance benefits such as vocational rehabilitation and health care. Check with the USVBA to see if there are other veterans benefits you do not know about.

While disabled veterans can receive a disability pension, working veterans will be able to obtain income protection insurance. Income protection insurance will pay anywhere from sixty-five to eighty-five percent of a veteran’s income made at the current job, allowing a veteran to breathe easy if he or she suddenly finds himself or herself out of work due to a physical injury. Income protection insurance will allow a soldier to be paid the same amount each month, though the income can be increased or decreased depending on financial circumstances. Soldiers would do well to have both veterans’ insurance and income protection insurance.

Our Independent Insurance Agency is thankful for your service to our country. We will never be able to fully understand the sacrifices you’ve made for our protection and freedom. We would to do our best to help protect you. We hope you see the need and importance of having veteran’s disability insurance and income protection insurance. Our insurance company can help you understand your needs more and answer any questions you may have.