It is hard to imagine how we even survived years ago with out the capabilities we have today. We have become reliant on technologies that could out smart secret agents from movies made five years ago! The times are going to continue to change and our Insurance Agency in Georgia believes if you are not changing you are dying.

We were asked recently, “What changes we expect to see occur over the next year?”

Will Google+ with it’s unique ability to interact with people to business sky rocket? Will QR Codes continue to become more popular? Will Facebook become a forgotten social media and be outdone by a newer site? Will surface integration and multi-platform integration soon become a reality?

At the rate of progress these days, life moves fast. Answers to these questions are valuable, to businesses longevity and success.

In my opinion I do not believe Facebook is going anywhere. There isn’t going to be a “next Facebook.” Sure there are frustrations with recent changes in layout and design, or changing demographics, but Facebook is no longer just a social site. Facebook is integrated through out the web and has forever altered internet usage. This is why I believe few will ever leave Facebook even if dissatisfied with changes. Facebook continues to grow and stay relevant, because Facebook has become essential to exploring and interacting on the internet.

Facebook growth has slowed over recent months in the United States and I believe this is due to the market in the United States reaching an equilibrium and being saturated. The potential for growth in the United States is becoming less and at that point the media will experience less growth, but I don’t believe this is proportional to it’s influence. And further more the growth of Facebook has not slowed down world wide.

We expect Mobile usage and engagement to experience the greatest amount of growth over the next year.

The phone has become the most essential procession holding emails, contacts, pictures, videos, budgeting information, music, calendar, news, and is the majority of peoples’ alarm clocks. It is not only not bound by a 3 foot cord plugged into the wall anymore, it is rarely bound by anything. If you can think it, it will soon do it. I expect the phone to be your one device to do everything you need, ranging from a remote control, to starting your car, to being your purchasing power and far more.

The phone unlocks potential to reach consumers directly, and based on someone’s unique location. I believe we will only see more companies explore the potential in mobile development, and soon more technologies will be connected through our mobile devices.

Our Insurance Agency is impressed by Progressive Insurance Company’s recent announcement in mobile media. Prospective customers can submit an application for a new automobile policy by using the camera function on their smartphones. This is the future and what we expect to see through out the year.

By snapping two pictures in the new Progressive application, developed by Mitek mobile imaging technology, you can receive an accurate automobile quote in seconds. The user is prompted to take a picture of their driver’s license and the VIN number of the car they wish to insure. After adding a ZIP code they receive a quote moments later with the option to purchase such insurance coverage.

Mobile apps are the game-changers in so many ways and are changing the way business is being conducted. Change is upon us and we expect the largest growth to come in the mobile world.

Where do you predict changes in technology to be seen in the next year? What are some of your favorite mobile apps?