Hootsuite OwlAbout a year ago, our Georgia insurance agency dove into social media with reckless abandon. Like many agents out there, we knew we needed to be playing in the pool, but we weren’t sure the most effective and efficient way to organize all of our social media content. Until we met Hootsuite. This free little bundle of social joy now handles just about all of our posts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Here’s some of the things we love about Hootsuite.

Scheduling Posts With Multiple Social Media Profiles

Probably the number one headache relief and time saver for our agency is being able to schedule our social media posts using Hootsuite. If you’ve ever had the responsibility for juggling content for two or more social media outlets, you know that it can be overwhelming to keep your posting flow regulated and organized. Hootsuite’s scheduling tools take the pressure off of publishing by allowing me to see what we have in our agency’s social media pipeline and fill in the gaps where we need more content. It also helps us not overdose on any one particular subject. Let’s face it, workers compensation is only interesting to people in small doses. Hootsuite also allows me to send posts to multiple social media profiles. So I can send to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all at once or pick and choose which outlets to use. And sometimes I want to Tweet something through both our company’s Twitter account and my own personal account. Hootsuite lets me do this in on go!


Nothing is more satisfying that seeing how much you’re loved on the social webs. With Hootsuite’s Analytics, I can instantly tell how many people clicked on any of our post’s links over a particular period of time. Plus, I can tell whether our links were clicked more often on Twitter versus Facebook, and where in the world people were when they clicked on them. The “Most Popular Links” section also shows me how many clicks each link received. So if I know an announcement about Chick-Fil-A’s free breakfast giveaway was wildly popular, I’ll be sure to post similar content more often.

Hootsuite For iPhone

Hootsuite Owl With Mobile PhoneFinally, what would an incredibly useful business application be without a mobile version to extend it’s capabilities to users on the go? Hootsuite’s mobile app for iPhone gives me the same ease and convenience of choosing which social media streams to view, making posts to multiple social profiles at the same time, and even viewing click stats. I’d say my time is now split pretty evenly between using Hootsuite on my iPhone and office computer. If I’m out of the office and I read an interesting post about car insurance in Georgia that I want to get out to our clients, I can quickly repost it to any of our social media feeds in seconds using the iPhone app.

With the ability to schedule social media posts, view click analytics and use these features on the go, Hootsuite is our Georgia insurance agency’s new best friend. What are you waiting for, give it a try for your business today!