Zombie’s everywhere have recently been making headlines. “Plant’s versus Zombies” was a hit game. The recent season premiere of “The Walking Dead” (which by the way was shot in Atlanta) had fantastic numbers and ratings. And now people are realizing the reality, that they can not just sit back and solely be entertained by the undead. Preparations must be made, and enter My Zombie Insurance Company.

My Zombie Insurance understands the serious damages zombies can leave on a person’s property and offer Zombie Insurance coverage to bring hope and an answer to the damages. My Zombie Insurance is a company who understands that Zombies often just don’t understand, and often damage your valuables.

Three years ago MZI began selling zombie insurance coverage. The coverage is a lifetime policy and comes at an inexpensive price. Enjoy their commercial educating the public on the importance of such coverage.

According to MZI “Each year millions of dollars in personal property is damaged by hordes of zombies. And yet, regular insurance companies don’t deal with these claims.” Can you afford not to be covered?

MZI offers various protection plans to tailor a policy to fit your needs. You can pay through PayPals and will receive your insurance card, certificate, and car decal in the mail in a matter of days.

My Zombie Insurance clearly states they are not an insurance company but are simply selling a product for people to have a good laugh. The head of customer service reinforced it is not about the money and more inviting people in on the joke.

The company has sold thousands of Zombie Insurance policies and report the 2011 year to be their busiest year yet. Our Georgia Insurance Company loves to find a good laugh and always wants to help everyone be prepared. How prepared are you for a Zombie Apocalypse?